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469C Galle Road, Colombo 3

A&M cupcakes is a charming little cupcake boutique located on the Galle Road, opposite Barefoot. Cupcakes are trendy, tasty little treats - good for eating and even better for instagramming.

All thanks to the emerging trend of home bakers, every nook and corner of Colombo has a cupcake vendor now. Nonetheless, A&M Cupcakes, an oldie but a goodie, stands still and strong, with interesting new additions to their ever-growing menu. We were absolutely pleased to review a massive bag full of goodies sent by them, for many obvious reasons. 

The Desserts

Cupcakes are A&M’s main focus, but they’re not limited to just that. There are many other desserts that you can get from them, including brownies, mousse, cookies and chocolate biscuit pudding. 

First up, we laid our eyes on this box of cupcakes. It was an ensemble of 6 pretty cupcakes — Choco Addict, Almond Roast, Salted Caramel, Coffee Burst, S’mores and Red Velvet. All of the cupcakes shared the same soft, airy, moist cupcake base, with different flavours. 

  • The Choco Addict stayed true to its name by having an intense chocolate flavour. We could taste that in the base, and in that beautifully dark, lusciously creamy frosting. 

  • The Almost Roast had a nice vanilla flavoured sponge base, and was topped with lots and lots of roast almond chips.

  • A&M has done an incredible job in infusing the salted caramel flavour into this cupcake. The base was a lovely chocolate sponge cake, while the frosting includes a blend of chocolate and well-executed salted caramel. So good!

  • Bursting with that signature coffee aroma, the Coffee Burst delivered well. We could taste coffee in its frosting, as well as in the cake. 

  • A pretty crown of s’mores could be spotted in our S’mores cupcake. The base was chocolaty, while the hefty swirl of s'mores was super smooth and fluffy. Plus, the addition of chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sauce was a nice touch. 

  • There was a fine red hue in the Red Velvet, along with a hint of cream cheese in the frosting. 

Next up, we tried the brownies. At a glance, they looked quite dense but boy oh boy, were we wrong! Fudgy, soft and squishy moist, they were absolutely chocolaty and decadent.

The Double Choc Mousse was a nice medley of white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse, as well as some chocolate shavings on top. Light, fluffy and silky smooth to the point that it melts in your mouth, the two layers complemented each other so well. Definitely a recommendation from our part for one of the best mousses in Colombo. 

These Butter Finger Cookies are a good tea time snack. Buttery, milky and soft, we enjoyed dipping them in some freshly brewed tea. 


A&M is still a reliable pick to source some great desserts, and we’re glad to try them out again. You can easily grab them from their shop down Galle Road, Colpetty, or simply order through Uber Eats.


That Mocha Cupcake though!


469C Galle Road, Colombo 3


It's right opposite Barefoot on Galle Road. The location on gmaps might have a slightly different navigation so be mindful.



Open until 07:00 PM

Price Range

Less than 200

Dish Types

Brownies Cupcakes Iced Coffee