Grill Kitchen

363, 10 Battaramulla - Pannipitiya Rd, Ruhunupura

A solid place in Thalawathugoda that serves up some solid BBQ wings.

Far away in a land that has more trees than anything else resides a quaint little restaurant by the side of the main road that while being in front of a giant supermarket, is quite easy to miss unless you're actually looking for it. 

While Colombo does have a small share of meaty restaurants, most of us can agree that it isn't enough to satiate everyone. Thus why we decided to check out Grill Kitchen as soon as we could. 


The ambience at Grill Kitchen essentially comprises of glass, tables, chairs and a bench or two. 

Given how the restaurant is practically on the main road, and considering how the entire place is covered in glass, this place tends to heat up. But with enough air conditioning to keep both the smell of the grill and the heat out, it was lovely.  Plus, the place is impeccably clean. Seriously, just look at that floor; it's positively gleaming!

With comfortable seating, enough space to seat at least a dozen people without any sort of difficulty and low-key diner-from-a-movie vibes, we liked it. 

The Food 

The menu at Grill Kitchen comprises of a range of meats including pork, chicken and lamb all coming in with a bunch of options from shawarma to biriyani to burgers to pita bread. 

After reading a couple of comments on their FB Page, we decided that we absolutely had to get the Charcoal Pork Biriyani (Rs. 560) when we got there. Thus a couple of minutes after placing our order, our server brought along this. 

At first and second glance, it's positively stunning is it not? With golden-hued grains of extra-long rice with bits of reds and oranges playing hide and seek in the background, it's picture-perfect! And other thing is that it actually came very close to being as nice as it looked. 

With gorgeous sparks of spice kicking in beautifully at every bite, we actually thought it was lovely. But, for some unknown reason, it tasted like they had doused the entire pot of rice in pepper. And while I personally do consider myself one that likes pepper, it was a tad too much. So much so that we didn't even eat the whole dish. 

The side of pork on the other side was lovely. They had kept the meat pretty clean when they grilled it so you could taste the pork in its purity instead of a heap of flavours. With little bits of bitter charcoal burnings on the side and a thick amount of pork to be the cherry on top, it was good. 

Off the grilled meats, we ended up with a Grilled BBQ Chicken Wings (Rs. 890). 10 beautifully made wings showered in sesame seeds and served on a giant wooden chopping board, they were a beaut. 

Maybe it's a thing at Grill Kitchen where they put extra pepper into stuff or something because this too was a fiery mix of spice and heat in the nicest way possible. It does look dry from the outside and tbh when you pick it up, it kind of is. But, the meat was wonderfully tender on the inside and was super moist as well. All in all a pretty good deal if you ask us. Plus, it had a strange tanginess to it that was almost not there because of the amount of spice included in it. Either way, the tangy undertone was pretty interesting. 

In terms of drinks, they limit themselves to just sodas and water, unfortunately. 


The staff at Grill Kitchen was nothing extraordinary. Unobtrusive in the best way possible, the staff took around 20-30 minutes to bring our food and maintained a polite exterior throughout. We have nothing to complain about really. 


We say go for it! The food albeit a tad on the peppery side was cooked quite well and considering how the ambience is great and the prices are pretty good too, it's worth looking out for. Our entire bill came up to Rs. 1500 with the addition of water and coke. We don't think it gets better than this. 


363, 10 Battaramulla - Pannipitiya Rd, Ruhunupura