Junk Yard By The Barn

460F Weli Para, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

A restaurant by The Barnhouse Studio that serves up some epicurean dishes in their most unique ambience.

The Barnhouse Studio in Panadura is one of a kind. A vintage-style, fully wooden barn house, embedded into the natural landscape so seamlessly, it's like a world within the world. This place holds a dear place in my heart. It's where I got married.
The Junk Yard, is a piece of The Barnhouse, located in Thalawathugoda. Handled by the same management, this restaurant has a great spot overlooking a bank of Diyawannawa lake. And much like The Barnhouse, they have paid so much attention to every tiny detail here to make it unique as much as possible. 

Ambience & Service

The Junk Yard, derives its peculiar charm from a junkyard. A whole bunch of old barrels, vehicle parts, car seats, metal sheets, and even a lorry seem to have been recycled here to complement its eccentric interior. Even this gorgeous light setting hanging from the ceiling is adorned with a massive collection of leftover glass bottles. All this junk, helps to create that sweet spot between contemporary and vintage.  

The vibe here is bright and lively, with some upbeat music playing in the background. Plus, it's a good place to catch some fresh air as well. 


The Junk Yard By The Barn has BYOB, and it's not entitled to a direct corkage fee. However, you're expected to pay around Rs. 1500 or above per head, which actually rounds up to the cost for a dish and a drink here.

*Pictured above - Fuel Cap All-day Detox (left) and Mango Mastani Mount (right)

The Fuel Cap All-day Detox (Rs. 590) is a concoction of cranberry juice, lime, apple cider, vinegar and orange bitter. It's sweet and sour, but also has a tiny bitter undertone. A refreshing drink, really, but in terms of flavour, the Mango Mastani Mount (Rs. 490) takes the cake.

It's a classic Mango Lassi with a twist. Enriched with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, almond and tutti frutti, this one has a bold Karthakolomban flavour that makes it simply irresistible. 


The food menu here offers a wide spread - Sri Lankan, Asian Fusion, Indian, Italian and American etc. 

The Barnhouse is known for its Black Pork Curry - I've enjoyed it quite a few times. Served with a helping of perfectly sticky rice decorated with greens, papadum, fried red chillies and the star of the dish, the luxurious black pork curry, it was a sight to behold. 

You can sniff the rich curry smell of this one from a mile away, all thanks to the generous use of spices. That flavour is engraved in each and every piece of pork so every bite was incredible. The meat itself was soft, well-cooked through and had no oily cuts. For Rs. 1100, it's a fantastic deal. 
The Babath Battery Plate (Rs. 1200), is Junk Yard's take on a Mutton Babath Kottu, and an excellent one at that. Oozing out with spices, there was a lot of well curried up meat to go around. 

The Fish & Chips Alloy Wheels (Rs. 1000) had about 5/6 chunks of Modha, encased in a light batter. While the fish tasted fresh and had a good texture, the colour of the batter took a darker shade, as opposed to the golden hue that one would usually anticipate. 

It comes with a drizzle of some tangy miso paste, which we enjoyed.

We ended our meal with the Coolant Basket (Rs. 400), an assortment of three scoops of homemade ice cream - Passion fruit, Peanut Butter and Cookie Dough, served in a crispy waffle shell. All three of them delivered the promised flavours - the Passion fruit resembled the sweet and sour kicks of the said fruit, the Peanut Butter had strong peanutty notes seeping through, and the Cookie Dough was rich with chocolate chips. 


The staff was wonderful. Quite welcoming, happy to give recommendations, and even a mask couldn't hide their friendly smiles. 


Junk has turned into funk here, in the most artistic way possible. It's a new concept to Colombo, and a very impressive one too, as it comes with some amazing food and a good dose of relaxing vibes. We highly recommend!

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re