Sugar Nugar


Sugar Nugar is a home baker that does many pretty mini cakes.

Based in Battaramulla, Sugar Nugar crafts up some of the most beautiful cakes we've seen. In fact, they're one of the few places in town that do mini cakes. Their Instagram feed is total eye candy, in case if you need something to drool over. 

The Mini Cakes

We received two mini cakes, each weighing about 750g. 

Presented with a gorgeous blanket of the finest Italian meringue buttercream, this beauty has a nice little surprise waiting for you. 

Oh, how gorgeous! It's layers and layers of absolute wonder, don't you think? The chocolate cake itself is quite rich, spongy, moist and fluffy, while the chocolate Italian meringue buttercream elevates it with more chocolatiness. This is some well-executed chocolate buttercream, we must say. Creamy and silky smooth, it certainly improved the look and feel of the cake. 

At a glance, we thought that this cake is going to be a sweet one. But boy oh boy, were we wrong!

It was sweet but in the best way possible. A simple vanilla cake, combined with excellently prepared raspberry compote and vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, the sweetness here is mainly drawn from the raspberry compote. The cake itself has an adequate amount of sweetness in it, and the raspberry compote complements it well. Incredible! 


We quite enjoyed these mini cakes by Sugar Nugar. They are delightful and easy to manage, especially if you're having a birthday/anniversary celebration with just a few people. 





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