Twister SL

16 Ward Pl, Colombo 07

Twister SL does some of the best Lavash we've had.

Despite Twister SL being a relatively new place, we found a throng of people makes a beeline towards the place. Intrigued, we wanted to find out for ourselves about this new shawarma spot at the ODEL Promenade and what attracted so many people. 

The Food 

Twister SL serves dishes like Pilau Rice and Submarines but what they do best is the Lavash/Shawarma. 

The Lavash (Rs. 650) we found at Twister SL would even have satisfied the Avengers post-saving-the-world hunger. The thin and crispy pita bread (*Katniss triggered*) the succulent chicken filling was wrapped in allowed us to cut through to the heavenly filling that gushed into our mouth. Along with the cheese add-on (Rs. 150), we opted for, the Lavash was out of this world. 

Definitely one of the best we've had. 

The Fries (Rs. 350) we ordered were crisp and spicy, and they presented us with a comparatively large portion, and it successfully kindled our hunger and made us crave for the main dishes. 

The bread used for the Sausage Submarine (Rs. 650) was a bit too dry and less fresh than what we would have liked it to be, but the filling made us forget our woes; opting for a sausage filling with the cheese add-on, we were not disappointed. You could submerge yourself in the great taste of this submarine, which is what actual submarines do too *ba dum tss*.

The roti that came with the Currywurst (basically sliced bratwurst slathered in a sauce that was a bit too salty for our taste), was slightly dry and too thin and a bit too overpriced (Rs. 700). 

The Pilau Rice (Rs. 650) we ordered was served with salad, chunks of chicken slathered in sauce (the same salty concoction they had used for the Currywurst). The salad had way too much vinegar, but the rice was well prepared, perfectly fluffy, and also had tiny strips of noodles adorning it. 

Service and Ambience

The place was well maintained and quite neat, and the staff were extremely friendly and accommodating, and even gave us a loyalty card which guaranteed a free drink the next time we came. 


We would definitely come back for the lavash (it is heavenly!), but we'd be a bit cautious trying anything else on the menu, as the food is pricey, and the add-ons also cost a little extra. From what we gathered, they've another branch in Kollupitiya too, which we're so stoked to check out. 


Get the Shawarma!


16 Ward Pl, Colombo 07